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Network Audio For Your Business

Bluesound Professional is the world’s first modern music distribution ecosystem for commercial spaces. It includes components from streaming sources to loudspeakers to facilitate easy design, installation, setup and use of complete music systems in installations from one zone to large multi-zone facilities.

Listen To All The Music Ever Recorded

With Bluesound Professional products, you can instantly access and stream millions of songs from your existing music services, tune in to your favorite internet radio stations and podcasts, or listen to the music collections stored on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Simply tap the music you want to hear in the BluOS app and let a Bluesound Professional enabled product be the heart of your listening experience.    


With SoundMachine in North America, users can stream curated content – either algorithmically or by humans – with all rights paid. One monthly payment and you are ready to go. Messaging and scheduling allow for nuanced content to be played throughout the day – maximizing effectiveness and minimizing worker frustration. Business Premium allows rights-paid access to millions of songs from Napster’s catalog.

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Seamless Integration with Control Systems

Bluesound professional products are designed to be controlled by a wide variety of devices. Native BluOS allows for control via Mac/PC or iOS/Android mobile devices. The Bluesound Professional CP100 provides a simple, elegant wall mounted control interface. Finally, Bluesound Professional products allow for flexible and powerful control from third party control systems, and interfaces exist for all of today’s market-leading systems.

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The all new BluOS 4.0 serves as the core operating system and music management software for Bluesound Professional units. This robust platform enables seamless access and streaming of high-quality, lossless music up to 24 bit/192kHz across every zone in your setup. You can effortlessly locate music from your network or preferred cloud music service (including options tailored for commercial applications) and share it with any Bluesound Professional units equipped with BluOS in your installation. Moreover, BluOS empowers you to exercise precise control over individual zones and hardware devices, facilitating synchronized groupings for creating larger audio zones.

Make Bluesound Professional Work for You

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Bluesound Professional For:

Business Owners

Bluesound Professional offers a modern, clutter-free and elegant way to build and save playlists, and continuously stream music to create a branded in-store experience – No more CDs, FM radio, or plugging in of iPods and phones.

Architects and System Designers
Bluesound Professional For


Bluesound Professional products allow the installation of high quality audio systems into commercial environments with minimum visual impact. Access to streaming services and local and network stored digital content allows for a wide range of material whilst ensuring a minimum of equipment.
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Bluesound Professional For

Consultants & Systems Designers

Bluesound Professional is a conflict-free ecosystem of hardware and software solutions for networked distributed audio, including rack-mounted amplifiers and streamers, wall- and ceiling- mounted powered speakers, and a variety of control options from smart device apps
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Bluesound Professional For

AV System Integrators

Hardware and software conflicts are a thing of the past with Bluesound Professional’s award-winning and market-tested purpose-built ecosystem for networked audio distribution and music content management.

Our Products

Bluesound Professional is a range of equipment built for the design and installation of complete commercial audio systems, capable of the replay and control of music from a wide variety of streaming services and locally or network-stored digital music files. Systems can be small, one zone installations to large flexible multi-zoned and multi-purpose installations in any hospitality or business environment. Bluesound Professional units can form complete systems and are available in the following categories:

Networked Streamers

At the heart of the Bluesound Professional ecosystem are a range of single and multi-zone networked streamers. Using the established BluOS operating system to access almost 20 streaming platforms and internet radio stations, these streamers also allow access to both network-attached and local storage devices containing your music libraries. Bluesound Professional streamers are available with and without integral power amplifiers, with the former being used in new installations and the latter facilitating easy connection to existing systems.

Commercial Amplifiers

Bluesound Professional features multi-channel commercial audio amplifiers, effectively reducing the size and complexity of amplification in even the largest installations.

Mounted Loudspeakers

Active loudspeakers including BluOS streamers allow for completely integrated systems, totally eliminating the need for equipment racks.


As well as access using computers or mobile devices and interfaces to leading third-party control systems, Bluesound Professional also offers dedicated, elegant, intuitive wall-mount controllers to make the control of systems beautifully simple.

Industries We Service

Bluesound Professional products are suitable for any commercial installation which requires flexible, high-quality reproduction of music from one or a variety of sources. Our systems are also controllable from a wild variety of devices and are designed for the high quality reproduction of audio. The following are examples of markets in which these products and systems are designed to be used.


Bluesound Professional products have been designed to specifically meet user needs in this area. Cafés, restaurants, hotels and bars are examples of these installations. Within these spaces, high quality appropriate background (and sometimes foreground) music sets the right tone and increases business.


For both shopping malls and in-store systems, the replay of appropriate ‘on-brand’ content is shown to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. Bluesound Professional systems can be zoned and grouped to allow the replay of different content to different areas and departments. Integration with control and management systems allows for scheduling of content in order to closely track and influence buying behavior.

Athletic Facilities & Gyms

The replay of appropriate, zoned music motivates users to exercise and achieve their goals. Local microphone and line inputs allow for the amplification and replay of wired or wireless instructor microphones in fitness classes to ensure that the instructors can be heard.

Hospital and Care Facilities

Relevant music can stimulate rehabilitation and reduce stress. Both local and global inputs can interface to paging and messaging systems and advanced zoning facilities can allow for the level of the system as well as its content to be tailored to the precise needs of specific groups of patients.

Transit Facilities

Bluesound Professional equipment can be added to existing paging and messaging systems in mass transit facilities to permit the broadcast of background music in order to make waiting times appear shorter and to enhance privacy in these environments.

Office Environments

The increasing predominance of open offices raises privacy concerns and potentially reduces productivity. The replay of low level content can increase productivity and contribute to a feeling of privacy. In addition, sound masking systems can be connected to local or global inputs to allow for easy deployment of these systems.

Industry-leading Products & Service

The Bluesound Professional product line is backed by the experience and customer focus of the Lenbrook Group, who have grown over the last 40 years into a multi-faceted manufacturer and distributor. Lenbrook is based in Canada but has offices throughout the world. We are supported by an international network of responsive, knowledgeable distributors.

Expert Support

Responsive and award-winning technical support is a phone call or email away. Systems integrators and distributors receive priority service with dedicated experts that know the equipment and installation use cases intimately.

Conflict Free

Hardware and software conflicts are a thing of the past with Bluesound Professional’s market-tested, purpose-built ecosystem for networked audio distribution and music content management.

Music Licensing for your Business

Take the worry out of licensing music for your business. Systems integrators and distributors receive priority service with dedicated experts that know the equipment and installation use cases intimately.

Highest Audio quality

Bluesound Professional products are also designed for the highest standards of audio reproduction, including the ability to replay high resolution and MQA audio streams.

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BCS250 and BCS300 Ceiling Speakers Now Shipping

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