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The Benefits of Opting for PoE in Streaming Speakers

PoE (Power over ethernet) is one of the most convenient innovations in network technology. Where normally two connections are made for networked devices; a network connection and a power connection; a PoE enabled device receives signal and electrical power through a single RJ45 ethernet cable connection. Advantageously, Bluesound Professional’s well-known line of PoE+ and PoE++ network active oudspeakers including the BSP200, BSP500 and BSP1000, reap the benefits of this one-wire solution. Here are some key benefits of opting for a PoE speaker for your next commercial audio install:


The ability to provide power over ethernet in speakers like the BSP200, BSP500 and BSP1000 allows them the flexibility to be placed where they are most needed without being tethered to a power outlet. This is particularly helpful in public or outdoor spaces where access to electrical sources may be sparse. 

Network Stability

A stable network connection is paramount when providing high-quality, undistorted audio to a commercial space through streaming speakers. A wired, secure networked connection for streaming speakers to communicate is better than wireless options which are prone to cause dropouts and can lack security. Figure 1 shows an example of the simple three-step setup process to power and connect a BSP200 Speaker to a network:

Figure 1: After connecting the BSP200 speaker to a LAN/USB (RJ45) port, add the speakers to the network using the BluOS App to complete the setup.


Allowing power to be provided through one ethernet cable eliminates the cost of installing an AC mains receptacle, which is typically required for powered speakers. This process often requires bringing in a permitted electrical contractor as most AV integrators are not licenced to install mains power infrastructure. The cost savings especially great when setting up multiple speakers like the BSP200 in a stereo or surround configuration. 

Figure 2: On the back of the BSP1000, the ethernet cable passes through a grommet and hole to preserve weather resistance of the speaker and its IP65 rating. One end of the cable connects to the BSP1000’s LAN/USB (RJ45) port while the other end connects to a corresponding port of PoE+ or PoE++ Data/Power supply.


Bluesound Professional PoE speakers also incorporate a streaming audio player in each speaker. This allows total grouping/zoning flexibility and completely eliminates a front-end audio rack. Our PoE speakers and a suitable PoE switch constitute a complete music system without any additional components.

Evidently, PoE powered loudspeakers are setting a new standard in commercial audio solutions for advantages like flexibility, stability, simplicity, and a setup process that only takes minutes. Bluesound Professional offers three sizes of PoE Network Streaming Speakers; BSP200, BSP500, and BSP1000; where each model is designed to suit different commercial audio installation needs.

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