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The B170S – The World’s Most Versatile Streaming Amplifier

Meet the B170S – the amplifier that does it all. This comprehensive streaming solution can satisfy both small and large commercial installation needs and can be retrofitted into any rack-mounted audio distribution system, replacing the source and the amplifiers. Featuring a low-impedance loudspeaker output, a constant voltage option, award-winning amplification technology and a compact form factor, the B170S is designed to support both quality audio installations and daisy-chained bulk speaker setups.

The B170S is an improved version of the B160S. The new model is updated with better energy efficiency, higher power low impedance outputs and new constant voltage options. For applications where multi-speaker installations and high-traffic areas require coverage, the use of the constant voltage option at 70/100V is highly effective for daisy chaining speakers and reducing overall cable lengths.

Versatile output options in the B170S amplifier section offers three amplification configurations: (1) 2 x 80W of power into 4/8Ω, (2) 2 x 100W at 70 Volts, or (3) 1x100W at 100 Volts. Energy efficient components in the amplifier include a standby mode consuming only 6W of power and thermostatic fan cooling to ensure reliable operation

Where space can be limited in a small application, easily retrofit the B170S amplifier into an existing system and add a BSW150 network subwoofer using the low impedance 4/8 ohm lines out on the B170S for a complete solution. Install a CP100 Wall Mount Control Panel as an optional on-site controller.

In a large application with multiple zones, connect up to 64 network speakers such as a combination of our BSP200 indoor speakers, BSW150 Network Subwoofers and BSP1000 Indoor/Outdoor Speakers. Daisy chain a series of ceiling speakers in secondary areas using the constant voltage 70/100V output option on the B170S for a solution that is versatile and cost effective. Install one or more CP100 Wall Mount Control Panels for optional on-site control.

B170S Streaming Amplifier

Due to its compact design, a single B170S can be mounted via keyhole slots to seamlessly hide under shelves, tables or on walls closer to where speakers will be installed to further reduce cable runs and eliminate the need for an equipment rack in tight spaces. This compact solution helps to free up space for things like POS systems, wine fridges and other important appliances.

For installations that require a rack, up to six B170S units can be mounted into a 3U space with a separately sold racking accessory, providing six stereo or 12 mono amplified zones. For shared, on-site operation, the system can be controlled with our CP100 Wall Mount Controller.

Natively integrated into the B170S and accessed through the established BluOS® platform are our partner music streaming services like SoundMachine, Custom Channels, SiriusXM for Business, Qsic, Tunify and others. With BluOS®, up to 64 zones of audio can be grouped to create strategic atmosphere for customers with the user-friendly BluOS® app or using our driver integrations with common control systems like Crestron or Elan. To lock out unauthorized users, secure, password protected third-party control options are possible on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

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