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Three Common Myths About PoE

PoE (Power over Ethernet) is shaping the new climate of speaker technology for commercial installations. But is a promise of providing power and network connection over one cable too good to be true? Bluesound Professional utilizes PoE+ and PoE++ technology in our networked streaming loudspeakers BSP200, BSP500, and BSP1000. Here are three common myths about PoE technology our experts have debunked:

Myth #1: PoE speakers are unnecessary for commercial installations.


Truth: Why invest in commercial speakers when you can use the good old wireless speakers from the local HiFi shop? The truth is that residential speakers are not suitable for commercial usage. The average residential speaker is built to only support small systems in relatively small spaces, they require their own AC power outlet, and they often waiver in terms of network stability – resulting in dropouts and a compromised audio experience.

Myth #2: PoE speakers involve too much hardware


Truth: Did someone say cable? The truth is, most residential speakers, even if deemed ‘wireless’ still require an AC connection, need to be charged regularly and are unreliable on commercial standards as they involve streaming over WiFI which leads to frequent audio and network dropouts. Bluesound Professional’s PoE speakers are designed to support commercial spaces with high quality audio at the requirement of a single, hassle-free Cat5e or Cat6 cable providing a more robust ethernet connection and a remote power delivery that costs significantly less than installing an AC receptacle. They uniquely integrate an in-built streamer and amplifier for an all-in-one solution.

Thus, opting to use PoE speakers significantly reduces the amount of hardware required since you don’t need to purchase a separate amplifier or streamer, you don’t need two different connections for network and power, and best of all, you don’t need to worry about placing them near or spending a fortune on providing AC receptacles.

Myth #3: PoE speakers sound terrible.


Truth: Bluesound Professional’s line of PoE speakers is designed for the very purpose of providing commercial installations with high-quality audio. Built into every speaker is a hi-res music streamer equipped with BluOS, an award-winning platform that allows for multi-room streaming and connects the speaker to our commercial music streaming partners SoundMachine, Custom Channels, QSIC, SiriusXM Music for Business and Tunify. Aside from hi-res audio, all your commercial music needs are covered, with countless royalty-free, legal and commercially licensed music libraries at your disposal. With our networked streaming PoE loudspeakers, you can count on having a great sounding commercial audio system, stable music streaming over ethernet and the on-hand ability to curate the perfect playlists for your installation soundscape. Though other competitors may offer PoE products, they don’t offer the full-circle benefits of Bluesound Professional’s PoE solutions.

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