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The Benefits of Bluesound Pro Systems over Traditional Commercial Audio Systems

BSP Speakers in a dining area setting

 In a competitive economy, retail environments are undergoing change and so are the standards of music playing at cafés, restaurants, shops and other commercial spaces. Traditional commercial audio systems faulter in areas of liability, control, audio quality, security and ease of use. It’s time to reconsider the kind of speakers or music streaming methods we are using when installing commercial audio systems. Here are six reasons why opting for Bluesound Professional’s audio solutions could save any business owner from a major audio mishap. 

1. Space Saving

An audio system that is out of the way of customers, diners, and shoppers means more room for furniture, décor and other elements to enhance the client experience. While traditional audio systems can involve unnecessary cable runs, clunky players and extraneous equipment like computers and laptops, Bluesound Professional’s solutions speak otherwise. Space- saving equipment like our compact B170S  Networked Streaming Stereo Amplifier give remote access to business music streaming services and can be hidden in a corridor, wall- mounted or rack-mounted in a backroom. Our compact, PoE+ networked streaming speaker the BSP200 has an in-built music streamer/amplifier and receives both power and ethernet over a single Cat5e or Cat6 connection, eliminating the need to install AC receptacles or set up long cable runs to reach audio sources and amplifiers.

Black BSP speakers in a cafe
B170S 3-4 left view

2. Constant Voltage Systems

Regardless of how much was spent on the speakers, it’s all about the quality of the audio stream. And usually the more speakers involved, the worse it gets. Many business rely on WiFi connections, Bluetooth and various connectivity methods to sustain multiple speakers and audio zones, often leading to audio dropouts, distortion, and poor streaming quality. Solutions like Bluesound Professional’s B170S streamer directly addresses this problem. Its low impedance option via 4 or 8 Ohm outputs is particularly fitting for applications where intelligibility and audio quality are most important. Alternatively, bulk speaker installations like corridors or high- traffic areas can be catered to with the 70/100V constant voltage option that allows for daisy-chained speakers, reducing cable lengths and complexity.

3. Supports Multiple Zones of Music

As the climate of retail spaces is moving into the direction of multi-sensory experiences, the choices of music in curating a strategic atmosphere has never been more important. For spaces with multiple zones (ex. Lobby, upstairs, bathroom, storefront versus back), the customer may benefit from a change of mood when they enter a different zone in a commercial space. With this demand in mind, Bluesound Professional’s audio solutions are designed with support for multi-zone audio needs. Music players like the B400S supports multi-zone music streaming of up to 4 zones of audio at once.

4. Remote Controllable

Especially in the case of larger spaces, staff may not always be able to run to the volume knob, switch the radio station or hit shuffle on the CD player. A music system that can be remotely controlled is crucial to any commercial setting. Thanks to the established BluOS platform, multi- zone music curation, volume control, access to Bluesound Professional’s music streaming partners and more are all offered via the BluOS Controller App and can be remotely controlled through any phone, tablet or laptop device.  Accessories like our CP100 Wall Mount Control Panel can be installed in every zone to create a direct access point to music control. Finally, third-party control drivers allow for control of Bluesound Professional units from the most popular integrated control systems.

CP 100 remote control 3-4 view
Outdoor white BSP speakers in outdoor dining

5. Weather Resistant

What about music for the great outdoors? Though some traditional speakers can be installed outside, most do not have integrated streaming capabilities. Bluesound Professional’s IP65-rated loudspeakers are both weather resistant and combine a speaker and a streamer all-in-one unit. Our weatherproof PoE+/++ networked streaming speakers prevent dust, debris and precipitation from causing damage and support both medium (BSP500) and large (BSP1000) outdoor areas like patios, pools and beachfronts. Best of all, each speaker also includes an in-built music streamer and a seamless PoE wire connection, saving space, installation time and outdoor damage costs.

6. Commercial Music Streaming

Who’s choosing the music? Business owners and staff dread the compromise of selecting songs and creating playlists that will hopefully satisfy everyone’s tastes. Music as a crucial factor to a thriving commercial atmosphere is too often overlooked with retail owners reverting to personal staff playlists, repeating the same CDs, or relying on the radio. Without the proper commercial music playback licenses, legality issues may arise, leading to costly fines. Thankfully, Bluesound Professional partners with business music provide like SoundMachine, Custom Channels, Qsic, SiriusXM Music for Business  and Tunify to integrate music streaming into all our products. This means that access to royalty-free, legal and commercially-licensed music can be at your fingertips without spending a fortune. In addition, our partner music services allow business owners to integrate personalized messages (announcements, greetings etc.) into the audio stream for their customers as well as scheduling facilities to allow the right mood to be set for the day or time of day.

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