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New Interface Possibilities are Now Available for Bluesound Professional Systems

In a bar with TVs and Bluesound professional equipments

Bluesound Professional is pleased to introduce two interface products from our sister companies Bluesound and NAD that add new functionality within our system. These products are now available through Bluesound Professional sales channels and they can be used individually or together to provide enhanced interface capabilities.

Bluesound HUB

This interface unit has three stereo digital inputs (Coax, optical and HDMI eARC) and two stereo analog inputs (line and MM phono). In contrast to the digital and analog inputs on Bluesound Professional streamers and streamer amps which are available to that unit and any units grouped with it, inputs connected to the HUB are available to any and all of the Bluesound Professional units on the network, whether grouped or not. One analog and one digital input and be used simultaneously and up to 4 HUBs can be connected to a network, giving a total of 4 analog and 4 digital inputs which can be accessed by Bluesound Professional units. The HUB can be connected to a Bluesound Professional network either wired or wirelessly to allow even inputs located in difficult to reach locations to be available to the whole network.

BLS HUB front
BLS HUB rear

Front and Rear view of the Bluesound Professional HUB

Use case examples:

  1. Input from TVs in a sports bar or retail location. HUBs can be mounted behind TVs and connected via the HDMI eARC input to distribute the TV audio signal throughout a facility.
  2. Input from a computer or another connected device, allowing for network-wide access of this signal. This input could also be from an existing business music player to enhance its connectivity and to allow it, for example, to be played through Bluesound Professional PoE networked loudspeakers.


Bluesound Professional products do not support Apple AirPlay 2, Bluetooth or Google Chromecast for security reasons. However, we have customers who require these connectivity options. The NAD CS1 Endpoint Network Streamer is a wireless interface device which supports all of these wireless connectivity methods and more. Its analog output can be connected directly to the analog input on Bluesound Professional streamers or streaming amplifiers, but for maximum accessibility, the output of the CS1 can be connected to the analog line input of the HUB to allow for wireless streaming via AirPlay 2, Bluetooth or Chromecast to any Bluesound Professional device on the network.

CS-1 front

Front and Rear view of the NAD CS1

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