Business Licensed Music Partners

Why Businesses Should Use Licensed Music Partners

It’s legal

If a business plays music to a group of people in a shop, restaurant, or any other public space, that qualifies as a public performance and therefore the business is required to pay a royalty fee to the artist. If a business uses a business music service, then there won’t be any licensing, royalty fee issues or lawsuits, as the business music service subscription includes both content and performing rights organization licences (outside North America, content licence is covered but performing rights organization licences must be obtained locally).
No Interruptions

With business music service subscriptions, users not only have access to vast catalogues of content, but it’s also ad and announcer free. The absence of commercials can be especially beneficial for the hospitality industry, such as bars, restaurants, hotels and spas that often seek to create a seamless, immersive, and on-brand atmosphere to draw customers in.
Custom messaging

Some business music services offer the ability to incorporate promotional messages to come through at exact times or precise intervals. Messages can be grouped for more complex scheduling and to make it easier to program them across multiple locations. This feature is especially relevant now, as businesses would have the ability to program and play COVID related messages in their spaces.
More Control By using a Business Music Service

Users can count on less song repetition, high quality digital sound with minimal variations in volume from song to song, and no inappropriate language. The ability to filter out explicit content is especially beneficial to businesses that are family-friendly.
Curated streams

Another benefit is the ability to build a musical atmosphere to custom-fit your needs. As the day goes by, customer flow changes. With some services users can schedule stations to adapt their in-store music to the time of the day. They can also curate streams to fit different locations within the business, like a hotel lobby, bar, patio, or main dining room. Streams can either be targeted stations or, in some services, the option to create unique streams just for your business.
Ease of Use

Finally, user-friendly interfaces and built-in all make it easier than ever to get the perfect playlist for any business. Users no longer need vast music knowledge to create a great atmosphere.