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“Strategic Atmosphere” is the idea that a retail or hospitality environment can be designed to drive sales and increase business. This includes the strategic use of sight, sound, and other sensory elements to influence a customer’s purchasing behaviour. Numerous studies have concluded that the right mix of programmed background music can increase sales by up to 35%, by improving customer experience and brand perception. Bluesound Professional works with our business music partners to provide seamless, convenient, and legal options to create the perfect atmosphere to drive your business goals.

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Why Should Retail and Hospitality Spaces Use Business Music Services

Curated streams

Build a musical atmosphere to custom-fit your needs. As the day goes by, customer flow changes and your background music can be programmed to follow these in-store traffic patterns. Curate streams to fit different locations within the business, like a hotel lobby, bar, patio, or main dining room, and leave out music with explicit content and prevent interruptions.
Custom messaging

Drive sales or influence in-store behaviours by incorporating promotional and strategic messages that come through at exact times or precise intervals.
More Control

Program content across different retail locations with centralized controls and ensure less song repetition and high-quality digital sound with minimal variations in volume from song to song. Securely prevent employees or customers from tampering with your strategically chosen audio content.
Ease of Use

User-friendly interfaces and seamless hardware and software integration all make it easier than ever to get the perfect playlist for any business. Users no longer need vast music knowledge to create a great atmosphere
Endless Content Options

With business music service subscriptions, you not only have access to vast catalogues of content, but it’s also ad and announcer free. This is especially beneficial for the hospitality industry, such as bars, restaurants, hotels and spas that want to create a seamless, immersive, and on-brand atmosphere to draw customers in.
It’s legal

Playing music to a group of people in a shop, restaurant, or any other public space, qualifies as a public performance and therefore the business is required to pay a royalty fee to the artist. By using a business music service, both content licensing (globally) and performing rights organization (north America only) fees are covered in the cost of the service, helping you to play music legally and avoid costly issues or lawsuits.

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