Custom Channels

Business Music Partner

Custom Channels is a fully licensed music service for business. We provide a suite of music streaming solutions for restaurant, retail, and hospitality spaces. We build the human experience into every aspect of our business — onboarding, support, music selection and feedback loops

Custom Channels Key features

Music Hand-Picked – For use in the business environment with access to every available song in the world

No Talk or Interruptions – From commercials, promos, or DJs

Curated Music Selections – Promote brand image and reinforce positive associations with products, services, and experiences.

Playlists and Styles – Created with the workday in mind, minimizing repetition while enhancing atmosphere at the same time.
Music Library – Purpose built for business and is not a repurposed or rebranded consumer library

Dedicated Representative for Every Customer – Including music experts to design and curate a sound that defines your brand.

Solutions to Enhance your Customer Experience

All Access Infographic
All Access – for every type of business wanting to just press play and get going right away, without any effort or thinking on your part.
ReMix Logo
ReMix – for businesses wanting more control. We do the initial heavy lifting of creating business-friendly playlists then you can add your personal touch by blending styles, removing songs, or even building playlists from scratch.
Ethos Inforgraphic

Ethos – For businesses wanting a fully custom mix. Ethos is custom built for you, capturing the unique heart and soul of your business with a one-of-a-kind music station.

Custom Channels and Bluesound Professional

  • The flexibility of Bluesound professional products combined with the ease-of-use of Custom Channels gives businesses a legal, hassle-free way to play music for their employees and customers.

  • Together we provide a seamless, easily installable, commercial-grade music solution.

  • With the control and security of the BluOS platform you can trust that the music plays without interruptions and is legal all by creating a perfect strategic atmosphere and enhancing the customer experience

We Pride Ourselves In The Art of the Perfect Music Mix

  • We are the leading provider for fully custom solutions. We partner with music-conscious businesses to create truly unique environments—with the ability to do artist takeovers, between-song messaging, and much more.

  • We have access to the fully licensed and complete music libraries of ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, GMR, and SOCAN—there is no song we can’t get.

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