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Bluesound Professional Salty's Diner Case Study

Unique location, application and customer goals, well-suited to Bluesound Professional’s strengths


Salty’s Diner is the latest addition to a popular group of restaurants (not to be confused with a restaurant chain) feeding the coastal community of Kapiti, situated around an hour north of New Zealand’s capital.

Each of their restaurants has specialist theme, but all are keenly focused on high quality food and beverage service, along with a relaxing ‘chill out’  environment. The Music soundscape is a careful consideration for each location and live performances are a regular event.

Their latest restaurant however had more than a few challenges. It was to be a specialist BBQ restaurant and as part of the theme, they wanted service and simple audio control from within a restored Airstream caravan. Additional to this, in their new location, a reinforced concrete-block ex-factory, they had long distances to work with between the services area and speaker locations. Other considerations were the ability for the some speakers to be mounted outside where they would be exposed to the salt air in this coastal location. What was most important to the client was a desire for higher quality sound than traditional 70/100v systems.

Bluesound and their high-performing BSP500/1000 weather-proof speaker range along with simple control, thanks to the CP100 was up for the challenge.


  • Location 
    Salty’s is a new addition to a handful of restaurants situated around an hour North of Wellington, New Zealand

  • Goal
    A relaxing environment, with high performance and easy audio control from their restored Airstream caravan

  • Equipment Used
    Bluesound Professional BSP500, BSP1000 active (PoE++) speakers along with CP100 and PC control App

  • Outcome
    The first months of operation have exceeded expectations with lines of customers looking to experience their great hospitality and relaxing environment

  • Box Out
    The full Bluesound Professional product range of streamers, speakers and accessories are Distributed by Connected Media in New Zealand

“It’s going to be the kind of spot where you can meet your mates, have a beer, get a really good messy burger, play some pool or relax to some tunes” said Bradley MacKay one of Salty’s Business Partners.  The challenge was to feed 100’s of people a day, while serving and controlling every aspect of their business from inside a restored Airstream Caravan.

The Solution

The main services area where a traditional amplifier would be located was some distance away from the restaurant floor and the caravan, so Bluesound Professionals PoE++ speakers had a real advantage with the length of cable required to each speaker location. 

Additional to this, some of the interior speakers are exposed to the sun and an internal garden watering system along with an externally mounted speakers being exposed to the coastal salt air and occasional storm. These issues weren’t a concern for the BSP500 and BSP1000, which were configured for each location and fully sealed from the potentially damaging elements.

Compared to previous systems they’d experienced in the hospitality industry, the staff commented that they’re “loving how simple the system is to operate”.  They also take advantage of the BluOS presets with personalised playlists for staff favourites for after-hour activities! 


Salty’s Diner worked with A/V designers to ensure that speakers were positioned to cover the restaurant floor, including the main dining area, preparation kitchen and an exposed outdoor area.

The layout considerations included areas that were designated for pinball machines, pool tables and quieter booths for comfortable conversation.

A combination of BSP500 and BSP1000 powered speakers were installed and each area calibrated for the desired coverage and level.

The all important simple control is mainly through the Airstream mounted CP100 and the day starts and ends with the simple push of a button.

Secondary control is from a remote office location where the network and security equipment is based. This is done thanks to a PC running Bluesound Professional’s Desktop app.

"Sit where you want and with whoever you want. But whatever you do, please don't ask us to turn the music down" - Salty's Diner.


From the outset, the owners of Salty’s were keenly aware that post-covid their newest restaurant would need to leverage aspects, other than their local reputation for quality food and beverages.

The additional challenges of the coastal location, the building itself and control from a restored Airstream caravan were also a unique consideration.

Bluesound Professional and their high-performing weather-resistant BSP500 and BSP1000 along with control, thanks to the CP100 was the perfect fit for this challenging space and time.

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