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Curate, control, and play the right music at your business

SoundMachine Key features

Curated Stations – 500+ human
curated stations covering all genres

Import Stations – Import your favorite playlists from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and more.

Music Concierge – No idea what to play? We will create a mix just for you.

Mixing and Scheduling – Mix and program stations throughout the day and week.

Messaging – Play promotional messages at exact times or precise intervals.

Control Multiple Zones in One Location – When at the same location, pay for just one license and play different music content in different zones.
Centralized Control of Multiple Locations – Link an unlimited number of locations and licenses to your account and centrally manage their music content and promotional messages.

SoundMachine and Bluesound Professional

Together with Bluesound Professional, you get a seamless hardware and software integration that can be controlled with Crestron, Control4, Elan, RTI and others to create multizone music experiences to drive sales.

  • Easily retrofit commercially-licensed streaming music into an existing audio system, or install anew.

  • Create affordable and professional customer experiences with an integrated solution.

  • Versatile and scalable for simple or complex projects and retail needs.

SoundMachine is a good fit for you if…

  • You need a wide selection of music content: SoundMachine has the largest music catalog in the industry, with more than 55 million songs and 500+ stations to choose from.
  • You are currently using a consumer streaming service: Easily import a playlist onto the SoundMachine platform from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, and more.
  • You need to incorporate messaging, including recurring messages into your schedule
  • You need scalability: Subscriptions are priced per location, with tiered pricing based on the number of locations, allowing SoundMachine to expand along with your future business plans.
  • You want to protect your business: licensing fees are incorporated into your subscription fee, so you can operate free from potential liabilities.
  • You have plans to expand internationally: We are present globally in over 15,000 businesses
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