Tips on Installing the BSW150 Network Active Subwoofer

The Bluesound Professional BSW150 is a network active subwoofer with streaming capability designed specifically for use in commercial installations. This powerful subwoofer can be grouped with any of our players, amplifiers and speakers (including the BSP500 and 1000) to further enhance the audio and overall listening experience. But simply adding this subwoofer to your system is no guarantee you’ll end up with great bass right out of the gate. Here are our top tips for setting your sub up for success: 

  1. Use the subwoofer wired. Even though the BSW150 allows for Wi-Fi pairing with a Bluesound Professional system, we highly recommend the use of wired ethernet connection to prevent music dropouts unless this is impossible, and the Wi-Fi network is strong and stable. 
  2. Experiment. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the subwoofer crossover point and volume as well as the bass tone control on the main system output, to get the best subjective result. There is no such thing as the correct answer, just the one that works best for a given end user in any given installation. 
  3. Use more than one BSW150. You can connect as many subwoofers as you wish to a Bluesound Professional system, so think about using more than one. 
  4. Hide them away. The BSW150 is low-profile and can be hidden away under chairs or tables to unobtrusively improve the sound. Bass is largely non-directional, so it is less important where the BSW150’s are located than with conventional full-range speakers. 
  5. Disable the side panel physical controls. This will prevent the venue or their customers from adjusting the level of bass or even turning the subwoofer off. 
  6. The BSW150 when used with the BSP125, 500 and 1000 makes a fuss-free easy to install, easy to use complete system that requires no front-end equipment. 
  7. Use with other systems. As well as pairing with a BluOS system, the BSW150 also has an analog line level input. This allows it to be used with non-Bluesound Professional systems and there are not many good sounding, low profile, unobtrusive commercial subwoofers on the market. Go ahead and use it in your meeting rooms, training rooms and boardrooms to give an extra punch and depth to the sound. 

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